‘Titanfall’ Gameplay Held Back Over Server Issues, Open Beta Extended

Titanfall gameplay from the beta this week has been problematic due to that one factor that all new Electronic Arts games seem to have in common. Just like with SimCity and Battlefield 4, the server issues have been making the Titanfall beta less than a stellar success.

That’s okay though, because beta testing is meant to uncover those problems. Then the developer can fix them in time for the game to go public for retail. As a result of the server issues that EA is almost synonymous with, the open beta has been extended for an extra day or more.

For those gamers who wanted to get in on the beta but weren’t sent a code, good news is here. Respawn has opened up the invitation to anybody who owns an Xbox One. No code is needed, nor any registration. If you own an Xbox One, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb explained in his blog that all you have to do is find the Titanfall demo in the marketplace, as soon as it shows up. Probably the most convenient way to do that is to use the Kinect and say “Xbox Bing,” followed by “show me game demos.” Just select it from the list and begin downloading.

Titanfall gameplay has proven to be good enough to get gamers past the server issues to still enjoy the open beta, it seems. Major Nelson has stated that the beta has been a general success, so the servers are probably the only real problem.

Admittedly, Titanfall‘s failure to reach 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second has made it yet another target of Sony fan ridicule. The PlayStation 4 has boasted the ability to reach those numbers with “room to spare,” according to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima in the video above. As popular as the Titanfall beta is, it seems gamers are slowly realizing in the midst of the Xbox One vs PS4 console war that graphics really aren’t everything.

In the end, the success of a console comes down to two main factors; the games you can play on it, and its overall functionality. The Inquisitr‘s Patrick Frye claimed the latter as one of his biggest reasons to buy the Xbox One, and at this point it’s a practical decision. Neither of the next gen consoles has many games available right now, so the games aren’t the important factor yet.

In spite of the Xbox One’s graphic performance, the Titanfall beta is proving that Microsoft’s console might just repeat the success of the Xbox 360. The Titanfall gameplay might just be fun enough to make us forgive EA for its previous release problems and begin to bury our memory of its second year as the “worst company.”