Demi Lovato Says Neon Lights Tour Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

Demi Lovato believes people who attend performances on her Neon Lights tour are definitely getting their money’s worth out from the experience.

With some help from Nick Jonas, the singer crafted a show the singer believes is unlike anything she’s ever done. In Lovato’s extremely humble opinion, the Neon Lights tour is the next logical step in her career and nothing short of “f***ing amazing.”

In addition to getting a little help from her ex-boyfriend’s brother, Demi Lovato said that she drew inspiration from fellow singer and pop music goddess Beyonce. The former X Factor judge can’t wait to bring the show to her fans all around the world.

“Every show, it gets better and better and you become more comfortable with the set list and some of the songs and see how it progresses and just be able to get closer with my fans,” she recently explained to the folks at MTV News.

Demi Lovato doesn’t hesitate to give a lot of credit to Nick Jonas for bringing her ideas to life. The singer previously stated that Jonas’ contributions to the Neon Lights tour make up 90 percent of what fans see on-stage.

“I have ideas and he makes them happen and then he also has really amazing ideas and sometimes it’s like before he even says them they are in my head, so it’s pretty amazing how well we work together,” Lovato previously explained.

Judging from reviews, Demi Lovato is winning over both fans and critics with her tour. The Los Angeles Times wrote that the singer gives her supporters something a bit more mature and emotionally substantial than her musical counterparts.

Writer Mikael Wood explained:

“In the process, the 21-year-old has distinguished herself from an increasingly crowded pack of former tween idols navigating the transition to adulthood. Compared with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Lovato puts across a seriousness of purpose; it’s easy to believe recent tabloid reports that she counseled Gomez on the latter’s own rehab stint.”

The folks at Neon Tommy added, “Judging by the appreciation she shows her fans, it is no wonder Demi Lovato’s show in Anaheim was packed with loyal supporters. She rocked her show and certainly made the drive from Los Angeles to Anaheim worth it.”

If you want to catch Demi Lovato during her Neon Lights tour, then you’d better make plans very soon. Chances are tickets are going fast. For more information about upcoming shows, swing by the singer’s official website.