‘Breaking Bad’ Valentine’s Day Classified Ad Both Funny And Cruel

Breaking Bad means different things to different people and can be referenced for both good and evil. On Valentine’s Day, a man decided to place an advertisement in the classified section of his local newspaper for the purposes of asking his girlfriend a question.

Here is a look at the ad:

Well, there you go. The ad can be interpreted in a number of ways, but it does appear that humor in the form of deception was the desired effect. The message begins earnestly enough, and it certainly seems that Alex, the author, wants Jodie, the recipient, to think there is a very specific question coming. Then, abruptly, the proverbial rug is pulled and a dinner request is made.

Breaking Bad is such a good watch that this cruel misdirection is almost forgivable. We do not know if Alex is going through the series yet again on Netflix like so many others, or if somehow he is just watching it for the first time. If the latter is the case, then you are in for quite a ride my friend. Whatever the case, spending a cozy Valentine’s Day night in Albuquerque with our favorite anti-hero is not necessarily the worst option available for a couple in love.

Actually, a less cynical view of the advertisement suggests a certain familiarity and comfort level between Alex and Jodie. Alex simply wants to know the status of dinner, and who will be handling it, which is a perfectly reasonable and practical request. Personally, I would like to imagine a scenario where Jodie has a wonderfully perverse sense of humor and appreciates the joke from Alex. Of course, we are not privy to the nature and length of their relationship, and this information would very likely have a strong bearing on how this message was received.

One does not normally associate Breaking Bad with the most romantic, and possibly commercial, day of the year. However, this is something of a fallacy. There appears to be a market for most things related to the show, so why not Valentine’s Day as well. If sending a classified ad to your significant other is not appealing, perhaps you can send an actual card next time, with lovely sentiments that reference Walt’s appreciation of Chemistry or Junior’s all-encompassing love of cereal.

It is difficult to avoid references to Breaking Bad, as pop culture will simply not allow it. There was even a show parody released recently in the style of one of those ‘Look Back’ Facebook videos for the character of Walter White. We are not sure if Alex and Jodie have seen the Facebook parody, but we hope they had a pleasant Valentine’s Day all the same.