All-inclusive Vacations, You Deserve One

George Nielsen

With the end of winter in sight, what most of us really need is an all-inclusive vacation. After months of shivering and shoveling, an all-planned, amenity-flushed getaway sounds like the perfect medicine to fix these chilly doldrums. Many people are leery of all-inclusive vacations being more buck than bang, but most times that isn't the case. Crunching the numbers of a one-price vacation versus a trip where you are making several different payments for food, lodging, and gifts actually results with the lump sum excursion on top. As BootsnAll points out, "When you consider the total amount you've spent to stay at an all-inclusive resort and itemize it down to every meal you eat, every service you receive and every night you stay, you'll probably be surprised by how inexpensive the whole package really is."

Not to mention the stress of planning your vacation is off your shoulders. With all-inclusive vacations, there is no need to worry about where you're going to eat for dinner or if you really should spend the extra dough to see that concert. All of that has been taken care of, so you truly can just relax. Even when it comes to gratuity, many locations have that already taken care of so you don't have to worry about being rude to all the hardworking people serving your needs. Some resorts go even farther, Paws Up mountain resort takes care of not only gratuity and all taxes in the pre-paid package, but airfare and all transportation within the vacation. Put all those costs together and most all-inclusive vacations really do come out cheaper.

All-inclusive trips are not all fun and games though. While "all-inclusive" often does mean "lots of amenities," it does not always mean ALL-amenities. As Luxury Vacation Source points out, many places pay for set activities and "offer" more, like spa treatments or alcohol, which you still have to pay for. You also need to be wary of night-life suggestions from the staff. Many big restaurants and stores have contracts with all-inclusive vacation companies, making your cruise director's recommendation more about money than about quality.

Whatever vacation route you decide on, if the President's family is making time for vacations, then you should too, and an all-inclusive vacation may be just the thing you need to recharge.