Pharrell Williams’ Collaboration With Beck Could See Release Later This Year

Beck hopes his collaboration with Pharrell Williams will see the light at some point later this year.

Although the “Loser” singer has another album lined up for release — Morning Phase is presently slated to arrive on February 25 — there’s a chance that another full-length record could hit before the year wraps up.

Beck discussed a number of topics during his chat with Billboard magazine. In addition to touching on Morning Phase and a few career regrets, he also teased his collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when the project will finally hit retail shelves.

The singer said he began work on a different album when ideas for Morning Phase started to come together. Instead of finishing up the project with Williams and a handful of other high-profile collaborators, Beck decided to focus his energy into what’s described as a spiritual successor to his 2002 record Sea Change.

“I had some old songs, and I found the ones that fit together the best, and then I worked on building it, stripping it back, rewriting it and just kept going until I felt like it was getting better and better,” he explained.

Beck gathered a lot of the same musicians and sound engineers he used during the Sea Change recording sessions when making Morning Phase. Fans should expect tunes that are slow and more atmospheric than his recent endeavors.

“It’s the same room with the same guys, with the same microphones and a lot of the same equipment and the same engineer. We don’t even talk when we start these songs; we just listen and respond,” the singer said.

Beck said his team-up with Pharrell Williams should arrive later this year, “time willing.” The singer suggested that the album will have more in common with his classic 1996 endeavor Odelay.

Williams is definitely a busy guy these days. In addition working with Beck, the “Happy” singer is reportedly putting the finishing touches on his solo album for Columbia Records. That record should arrive before the end of 2014 as well.

While they’re waiting for all of this new music to arrive, Pharrell Williams fans can catch the singer during the Academy Awards. The producer is presently scheduled to perform the Oscar-nominated track from the box-office smash Despicable Me 2 at the event. If that’s not enough to keep you happy, then you can watch him do his thing during the NBA All-Stars game.

Are you excited to see what Pharrell Williams cooks up with Beck? Do you think the album will arrive before the end of the year?