Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: STD's & WMD's, More In Common Than We Knew

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez. STD's and WMD's.

At this point Justin Bieber rumors, indeed the Justin Bieber narrative, is a law unto itself.

Whether it's an alleged Australian stripper kinky sex tape that never arrived. Accusations of epic sizzurp use refuted by a complete lack of opiates in Bieber's DUI toxicology report. Or the latest claim the Canadian star is about to launch a new career as a rapper--- and which appears to solely based on his habit of hanging out with black people and a name change to Bizzle on one of his social media accounts --- it's clear we have arrived at the WMD point in the Bieber backlash.

A recap: After 16 years of U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq from 1991-2007, four reports --- including the Iraq Survey Group and The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction --- concluded Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction and Intel claiming otherwise before 2003's US invasion was "dead wrong."

Those reports haven't stopped numerous conspiracy groups insisting the invasion was well-founded. A testament to ideology's ability to cloud reason, logic, and humanity.

So, from WMD's to STD's and the latest, vague Bieber rumor.

The story is untroubled by facts which, of course, isn't unusual when it comes to Bieber and Gomez gossip stories.

This charming tale comes on the heels of Gomez's recent rehab stint in Arizona's Dawn at The Meadows recovery center on January 5, which her rep said the actress-singer checked into voluntarily "but not for substance abuse."

A Gomez-camp endorsed source then spoke to E! News, which resulted in three same day stories claiming the starlet hotfooted it to Dawn to "learn tools on how to deal with Justin and letting go of that relationship."

Somehow this was achieved in the 14 days Selena spent in her holiday-length rehab stay.

Meanwhile, TMZ, Radar online, National Enquirer, Pop Dust and other outlets reported she went into rehab for an alleged addiction to alcohol, Molly, Ambien (also known as Zolpidem) and Bieber --- with absolutely no attributable sources.

Continuing that trend, Life & Style --- a tabloid magazine -- recently claimed that at one time Selena believed Bieber might have given her a sexually transmitted disease.

"Selena has had issues with anxiety for a while," a generic sounding insider purportedly tells the magazine, although it defies belief that any insider close to Gomez would contribute to a story attaching her to a venereal complaint.

"And she's still dealing with them," the source apparently adds. "It started when Justin was cheating on her. One big breaking point was that she thought he gave her an STD and got tested."

Life and Style's claim, ponies up with just one, unnamed source and not a single date along the three year Bieber-Gomez relationship timeline as to when Selena supposedly had this alleged, horrible revelation.

Oddly, then, for a girl who thought her boyfriend cheated on her and left her with an STD, Gomez was seen as recently as January this year riding Segways with Bieber and posing for a tender Instagram.

2013 was filled with more of these.

Alarmingly, not one outlet notified their readers the STD rumor may be as bogus as other recent Bieber rumors.

Ironically, the flimsiness of the STD claim is demonstrated by competing Valentine's Day articles reporting Selena was "hoping" Bieber would surprise her on the romantic day with some sort of gesture.

Ever get the feeling the truth about Gomez and Bieber won't be found within the virtual pages of online entertainment news?

(Photo: Gomez pictured with One Direction's Niall Horan and fans in London, England, Sunday, February 16, on what may have been a date but probably wasn't.)