TiVo set to spam paused shows

Just to set the record straight I don’t own a TiVo mainly because it’s a U.S. contraption that hasn’t made it to north of the 49th parallel. So while it doesn’t really bother me I can understand how their announcement today might piss off a few of the U.S. customers.

It seems that someone in the company came up with this incredibly brilliant way to totally aggravate their declining customer base. You see what they found out is that people have a tendency to pause the show that are watching for a refreshment fill up. This means that for a period of time there is a screen with a static image and this is just wasteful I guess because – voila – you now have a commercial being displayed on that screen.

I wonder if they plan on using that extra rip-off ad revenue to help reduce subscription costs to the consumer? After all isn’t that the whole idea these days of free stuff supported by all these different advertising intrusions methods.

[hat tip to SlipperyBrick]