Comcast Teams With Skype, Offers HD Calling For Televisions

Comcast customers will soon have the option to make HD video calls directly from their TV via Skype capabilities.

At this time Skype and Comcast are mum on the details of the partnership including release dates and pricing.

The service could be a boom for Skype with Comcast already offering digital phone services to more than 8.5 million customers, while Skype’s own service gaining popularity everyday and an increasing number of TV’s arriving to market with built-in cameras.

According to the announcement the service will require a monthly fee, an adapter box and a camera mount for TV’s without built-in cameras. Just like the current Skype setup no additional fees will be assessed for national calling.

According to the Seattle Times the service will start with 720P and then eventually move up to 1080P HDTV quality video chatting. The service will also require a 1.5 megabits per second download connection, which not surprisingly Comcast offers to their customer base.