One Direction’s Harry Styles Gets His Very Own ‘Flappy Bird’ Knock-Off

Harry Styles has his very own unofficial video game.

After Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen decided to delete his ridiculously popular and highly addiction game from the marketplace, a number of developers have attempted to cash in on the craze. Even Sesame Street has its own knock-off.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long before someone came up with the brilliant idea of combining Flappy Bird and a member of One Direction into a singular experience. Game designer Jari Huomo recently unveiled Harry Dive, which features singer Harry Styles as the central character.

The gameplay in Harry Dive is essentially the same as its predecessor. Players must guide a pixelated version of Styles through a surprisingly difficult obstacle course by simply tapping on the screen.

Instead of avoiding pipes, fans must help Harry Styles avoid branches and rocks after he dives off a cliff. The premise may sound a little odd, but this hasn’t stopped folks from downloading the game over 15,000 times just a few days.

“I still don’t know if the popularity is a good thing. If Harry doesn’t like the app then I will pull it out the App Store. It has been crazy and I expect to hit 100,000 downloads by Sunday. One Direction is the biggest boy band currently, but most of the app games I have seen are not very good,” Huomo explained.

If playing a game based on One Direction singer Harry Styles doesn’t sound like a good way to spend your free time, then perhaps you’ll get excited about Fall Out Boy’s Flappy Bird clone. The band recently put together Fall Out Bird to promote their album and tour.

Flappy Bird Clone

Although lots of people were angry at Dong Nguyen for yanking the game, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz said he understands why the developer didn’t want to put up with the backlash from folks on the internet.

“There’s a million ‘Flappy Bird’ memes where it’s ‘I hate this f***ing game.’ It took me a while to realize that’s how the internet tells you it’s thinking about you. You have to think about how in internet culture, everyone that’s loved is hated,” Wentz told Rolling Stone.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Nguyen decided to cancel the game after people became so obsessed with playing it. According to the developer, Flappy Bird was originally designed as a relaxing and stress-free experience. The fact that people became addicted to the game made him incredibly uncomfortable.

Are you planning to play the Harry Styles-inspired Flappy Bird knock-off?

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