NFL Superstar Darren Sharper Is A Serial Rapist, Court Papers And Prosecutors Say

Darren Sharper, one of the NFL’s top defensive player of the past decade, is now accused of being a serial rapist. He appeared in a Los Angeles court today to face charges that he drugged two women in separate incidents after meeting them in a nightclub, then sexually assaulted them while they were unconscious.

But filings made Friday in the Los Angeles court say that the 38-year-old Darren Sharper raped at least seven different women in four states, all following a similar modus operandi. The former All Pro cornerback would meet the women in nightclubs and, after taking them back to a hotel, offer them shots of alcohol.

But the women would immediately pass out after downing the drinks.

They would wake up hours later with no memory of the missing time, but with a feeling that they had been subjected to unwanted sexual attacks. In one of the cases for which Sharper has been charged, a second woman, allegedly drugged by Sharper, woke up and walked in on Darren Sharper on top her friend, who was naked. The friend also woke up to find Darren Sharper raping her, according to the court documents.

A broadcaster since his retirement in 2010, currently with the NFL Network, Sharper is accused of drugging at least 11 different people, including one man, who were not only his alleged rape victims, but people accompanying the targets of his sexual assaults.

The two incidents for which Darren Sharper so far faces charges happened on October 30 and January 14 to women Sharper met at a West Hollywood nightclub called Bootsy Bellows. Darren Sharper has been ordered to stay away from that club as he awaits trail while free on $200,000 bond. He has also been ordered to stay in Los Angeles.

In an accusation from New Orleans, dated September 22, a woman who met Darren Sharper at a New Orleans Saints party said that after the former Saints safety and five-time Pro Bowl selection gave her a drink, her next memory is awakening around 10 am the following morning with Darren Sharper on top of her, committing rape.

Laboratory analysis later showed Sharper’s DNA present on the woman.

The day after the alleged January 14 assault in Los Angeles, Sharper was in Las Vegas where he met two women and a man in a bar. He drugged them all, according to the court papers. One woman later woke up next to the former player in bed. She had facial injuries and had no idea how she got them.

Sharper then gave her another drink and sexually assaulted her, she said, according to the allegations.

Darren Sharper played for the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings before finishing his 14-year NFL career with the Saints, with whom he won his only Super Bowl. The NFL Network has no suspended him without pay. He is scheduled to be arraigned on the two Los Angeles charges February 20 following today’s brief court date.