If Calvin Harris Is Not In Rita Ora’s Bed Then Who Is?

Singer Rita Ora might have some explaining to do when producer boyfriend Calvin Harris sees her latest tweet. Ora recently tweeted a picture of her in bed with a mysterious dark-haired man who doesn’t appear to be Harris. She captioned the photo “Aw @damon_baker I love this photo two little aliens having a nap.” That leaves the rest of us, including presumably Harris, to wonder — who exactly is damon_baker?

It’s possible the mystery man is Harris himself, since all you can see of him is dark hair and maybe one eye, but it doesn’t seem likely. And while Harris’ hair is dark, his sandy brown locks don’t appear to be as dark as the mystery man’s in the photo. It could also be that this is an old photo. However, it’s not clear whether this was tweeted on a Thursday, and it wasn’t followed with a #tbt or #throwbackthursday tag.

Then again, there could be any number of explanations for this mysterious man in Ora’s bed. Perhaps the “50 Shades of Grey” star was too exhausted from filming, or needed a break from teasing her new song “I Will Never Let You Down.” Or maybe she was too tired from all the rumors of her possibly taking the next coveted spot on The X Factor. Perhaps this was just an innocuous nap with a good friend. One thing is for sure, though: if we shared a bed with Calvin Harris, there’s no way there would be room in it for anyone else!

Recent ramblings had uncovered that the pair had split, leaving Harris and Ora going their separate ways, but an even more recent interview had Ora saying that they were still together and things were going swimmingly. She even mentioned that the two of them were making sweet music together–literally and figuratively, of course. It remains to be seen if Harris and Ora are succumbing to the pressures of being celebrities in demand with highly packed schedules and little time for each other, or whether they will stand the test of time.

Whether the mystery man is someone new that Harris is going to have questions about, or it is just a cute, innocent misunderstanding, we’re all ears and curious what Ora is going to have to say about this new man in her bed. Is it Harris? Is it someone new, or someone old? Is it innocent, or cause for concern?