Hillary Duff’s Flawless Makeup-Free Skin

We all know that working out can give our skin a healthy glow, but Hillary Duff just put us all to shame by going makeup-free for a workout recently. The young star shows off an impossibly impeccable complexion after a gym workout in Toluca Lake, California.

After Duff’s recent divorce from furniture store heir and Canadian hockey star Mike Comrie, she appeared to be in good spirits, neither flaunting nor hiding from the cameras as she prepared to hit the gym for a sweat session. The split was reportedly very amicable, with the former Lizzie McGuire star thanking her fans and friends for their support. Duff and Comrie didn’t appear to have suffered through any major fights or problems leading up to the split, and both appear to be rather tight-lipped about what made them part ways.

Whether Duff and Comrie had a major fall-out or simply succumbed to the pressure of being famous and in love, it’s clear they still have a deep respect for each other and mutually care for their little one, Luca, who’s about to have his second birthday. Clearly, however, the breakup didn’t break out Duff’s skin, as she glowed from the inside out. Sweat sessions will do that for you, clearing out your pores, getting your blood pumping and generally improving your outlook.

Duff is certainly brave, going out among the paparazzi without any makeup on, wearing a toned-down workout outfit of capri-style leggings, a graphic t-shirt and orange trainers, topped off by a hoodie just in case she should need it. Her low-maintenance style was perfect for an intense gym session, whether she was pumping iron or getting her heart rate up during a sweaty spin class. Her no-fuss topknot was just messy enough to still be attractive, and her small smile indicated that she was neither annoyed with having her picture taken nor looking forward to it.

Duff has historically handled the ups and downs of celebrity with grace and candor, and it should surprise none of us that her breakup should be handled equally magnanimously. Fortunately, her estranged husband appears to be as level-headed about the break as she is, and it appears that the two of them will work things out so that little Luca can have a relatively drama-free childhood and two parents who still respect each other, even if they’re not married. Now that’s something to smile about.