Demi Lovato Forced To Choose The Cutest Jonas Brother On ‘Chelsea Lately’

Demi Lovato got a serious case of the squirms during her appearance on Chelsea Lately.

Anyone who ventures onto Chelsea Handler’s talk show should always prepare for the worst. The comedienne doesn’t have a problem asking a plethora of uncomfortable questions, even if that means making her guests insanely uncomfortable in the process. Unfortunately for Lovato, she learned this lesson the hard way.

The singer recently headed to Chelsea Lately to promote her Neon Lights tour. Since Demi Lovato has a history with Joe Jonas, Handler decided to pick her brain about the brothers. More specifically, she wanted to know which one is the cutest.

“You dated one of the Jonas Brothers, right? Which one is the cute one?” Chelsea asked as Lovato started to squirm.

“They have a new niece, and she’s really, really cute,” Demi replied diplomatically. Handler then grilled Lovato about her relationship with Joe Jonas.

“We dated for like a month. Everyone made it seem like it was this big, big deal,” the singer explained.

Although Demi Lovato has a somewhat complicated history with Joe Jonas — he recently dished about their relationship in an essay for New York Magazine — this didn’t stop the singer from getting Nick Jonas to help out with her tour.

She recently told MTV News:

“Phil [Demi’s manager] and I were going through ideas for the tour and I always want his [Nick’s] opinion on stuff cause he knows exactly what he’s talking about. And he had visions for this tour and he threw out some ideas and they were really good and we just thought ‘Why don’t you just do the whole tour, please?’ so it’s turned out amazing and like 90 percent is his work.”

Nick Jonas said he was honored to help Lovato get everything together for her Neon Lights tour. Much to the surprise of those in attendance, Jonas even made an appearance on-stage during the singer’s first show.

“The fact that she asked me to come in and sort of help take her visions and her dreams and turn them into a reality onstage was an honor and the show looks amazing and I think this is going to be the best show she has put on for her fans,” Jonas explained.

Demi Lovato fans should probably start putting together plans to catch the singer on tour before the shows sell out. For more information about upcoming dates, swing by Lovato’s official website.

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