Austin Mahone Wants You To Spend Valentine’s Day Watching MTV

Austin Mahone wants you to spend Valentine’s Day at home in front of the computer.

If you don’t have any plans with that special someone in your life at the moment, then you can always cuddle up with your favorite pillow and stare at the pop star for half-an-hour. Mahone is presently slated to spend 30 minutes on something called Live From MTV later today.

The singer will spend 30 minutes answering questions and discussing the music video for Mmm Yeah during the event over at Fans who are curious to see what Austin Mahone has to say should make sure they’re not doing anything remotely important at 4 pm Eastern Time.

Why does the singer want you to carve out 30 minutes for Live From MTV on Valentine Day’s? It’s simple: Mahone is preparing to launch his MTV Artist to Watch tour in just a few days. To get as many people interested in the shows as possible, he’s doing a little promotion beforehand.

In addition to the aforementioned tour, Mahone is working on his very first full-length album. Although the guy has released a few singles over the past several months, he still doesn’t have a proper record to speak of. He’s hoping to change this problem very soon.

“The album, I’m still working on. I worked with so many amazing people and I have so many incredible songs, I want to choose them wisely. I don’t want to put the album out and be like ‘Man, I should have done this so much differently.’ I just want to make sure it’s perfect when I put it out,” the singer told MTV News at the Grammys.

Mahone previous explained that constant touring prevented him from devoting his undivided attention to the album. Since he’s getting ready to launch the MTV Artist to Watch tour, it’s unclear how that will affect his time in the studio.

“I worked with RedOne and I thought [the album] was going to be all RedOne stuff, but I worked with Max Martin and Sean Garrett, and I think the album is gonna have a lot of different types of songs on there, but I think it’s going to come together real nice and I’m excited to put it out,” the singer previous said of the album.

If you still need more Austin Mahone in your life, then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for his appearance on Nick Cannons Wild N’ Out. The singer will appear on an episode scheduled to premiere this summer.

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