Flag Day is June 14th, Celebrate on Facebook

Scootched between Memorial Day (barbeques!) and the Fourth of July (bathing suits and beer pong!), Flag Day is kind of the red-headed stepchild of summer patriotic observances.

June 14th is Flag Day in the US- a holiday school kids are aware of, because it’s ripe for making construction paper projects and eating themed cupcakes (while teachers clear out the remainder of their lesson plans if school is still in session where you live.) Those who own a flagpole and a flag can set Old Glory out to mark the occasion, but users are increasingly turning to Facebook and other forms of social media to celebrate Flag Day and similar observances without having to follow a complex set of rules about rain, night and attacking Indians.

AllFacebook pointed us toward a Flag Day page called “Turn Facebook Red, White, and Blue for FLAG DAY!” sporting just under 6,000 likes. The page asks Likers to replace their profile picture with an image of the American flag for Flag Day on June 14th, and offers up some sample avatars for patriotic users to employ.

Do you mark observances like Flag Day on Facebook or other social networks? Or do you see these kinds of gestures and think “you are not a flag!”