Tupac Shakur Interview: 'I Was Literally Afraid That Someone Would Die'

A Tupac Shakur interview by Angie Martinez was never released in its full form because she felt someone would get hurt if she did. But now she says she plans on revealing the entire interview this week.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Tupac Shakur sex tape was leaked out several years ago and the estate of the rapper sued over the incident. Stars Wars fans might also be amused to hear that Tupac actually tried out for the films before his death.

Back when Tupac Shakur was alive the East Coast vs West Coast war was still burning hot. Martinez says she was only 22 years old at the time, it was her first big interview, and she ended up with a crazy situation. What the man had to say was apparently so overwhelming that Martinez couldn't sleep at night and she decided to only air less than 10 minutes of the two hour interview:

"I was literally afraid that someone would die. I thought that I would be making a bad situation worse, when my intent was to try and smooth it out and make it better. But he was so angry and passionate at the time that I really felt that if I came and put it on the radio, it would have gotten worse."
The day after the interview she ran into Tupac at the MTV Video Music Awards and explained the situation, saying how she felt that the unedited version would only cause problems. Shakur said he understand and was cool with her decision.

Now that it has been almost 20 years since the Tupac Shakur interview, Martinez decided to celebrate the launch of her new website The Angie Review by releasing the full interview in all its glory to the world as part of a Throwback Thursday special. Here is a snippet of it she put on YouTube:

The full Tupac interview was broadcast live on her show this afternoon but is not currently available online. The website says it will be release soon, though, so in the mean time check out Angie and Sway discussing Tupac Shakur: