Zayn Malik Is Getting Married, But He Still Can’t Legally Drive

Zayn Malik is preparing to tie the matrimonial knot in the next few months. Unfortunately, he’s still unable to legally pilot an automobile.

If the One Direction singer doesn’t get his driver’s license before he gets married, then he’ll need to ask one of his bandmates to give them a lift whenever they need to go somewhere that doesn’t require limos or squadron of bodyguards. Considering the guys are insanely popular right now, that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

According to reports, Zayn Malik is a little irritated that the other One Direction fellas received their licenses before him. Fortunately for the singer, he won’t have to wait very long before he gets his turn behind the wheel.

“Next is Zayn. He will be annoyed to be the last in the band to take his test but I’ll make sure he passes,” official One Direction driving instructor Noel Gaughan recently explained to the folks over at The Sunday Times.

Gaughan also took a moment to discuss what it was like teaching the singers to drive a car. While some did better than others, Noel remarked that Liam Payne was a bit too cocky when he slipped behind the wheel of the vehicle.

“Like all young people he can be a bit overconfident; I imagine he has been told how great he is all the time so it’s understandable. He can also be very jokey and is a very funny guy, but sometimes during our lessons he could get caught up in the joke he was telling and you could see his concentration wander,” the instructor explained.

He added, “The only downside [with Payne] was that we sometimes got people trying to take pictures of him when we were trying three-point turns in the car park at Morrisons.”

While Zayn Malik is waiting to get his driver’s license, he can assist fiancé and Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards with their wedding plans. During at chat with MTV News, Edwards mentioned that Malik isn’t exactly thrilled with lending a helping hand.

“Well, he tried to get out of it. He said, ‘You know what? The wedding, it’s all about the lady.’ He went, ‘Honestly, it’s your day. You’re the princess. You go all out and then just let me know what you want,'” Perrie explained.

She added, “I went ‘You’re not getting out of it that easy, love.’ I went, ‘You’re planning it with us, thank you very much.’ He thought he was clever, but no, I’m one step ahead.”

Are you a fan of Zayn Malik? What do you think about the One Direction singer being the last guy in the group to receive his driver’s license?