‘The Lego Movie’ Squares Off Against ‘RoboCop’ At The Box Office

The Lego Movie is all set to battle the RoboCop remake at the box office over the weekend.

The animated hit could have some competition in the form of director José Padilha’s long-delayed reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s beloved 1987 actioner. Although fans of the original aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of someone messing around with a classic, chances are they’ll venture to theaters this weekend to see how it stacks up.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely RoboCop will knock The Lego Movie from its cinematic throne. Industry analysts believe the remake could generate around $30 million over the weekend, a fair but somewhat soft opening for a high-profile $100 million endeavor.

Fortunately for Sony Pictures, RoboCop is doing strong business overseas at the moment. The movie opened in 27 territories before arriving on screens in the US, which helped the film put approximately $30 million in the bank. Although the remake will likely break even before it heads to home video, it could be a collaborative effort.

Although The Lego Movie doesn’t have anything to worry about, RoboCop could lose the second place spot to director Steve Pink’s About Last Night. A remake of the 1986 flick starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, the story follows a couple who attempt to develop a serious relationship after hooking up in a bar.

Not only does About Last Night have Valentine’s Day working in its favor, the film also stars proven box-office draw Kevin Hart. The comedian’s previous endeavor Ride Along continues to make a ton of money from moviegoers. As of this writing, the comedy has generated $106 million in receipts since arriving last month.

According to the Los Angeles Times, insiders believe The Lego Movie will rake in another $45 million with some help from President’s Day. Thanks to the film’s box office success and its critical reception, Warner Bros. is already thinking about what to do with the franchise in the long term.

“I think this sends a signal that we are very interested in this space. You will be hearing more from us, and we will definitely be talking very shortly about our plans for Lego,” Warner Bros. told The Hollywood Reporter. However, details about a follow-up haven’t hit the internet as of this writing.

In addition earning a ton of money in the US, The Lego Movie brought home $18 million in foreign markets. If the studio doesn’t find a way to transform this success into a long-running franchise, then the industry’s head will implode.

Do you think The Lego Movie will defeat RoboCop at the box office this weekend? Which movie are you planning to catch on the big screen?