GMail Now Lets You Paste Pics From the Clipboard

This is pretty handy.

If you need to send a lot of pics via email but have no need to save then trash them, a new functionality in GMail will probably make your life a lot easier. A while back, GMail Labs added the ability to drag images from the desktop into the body of an email, which is marginally easier than attaching the image manually.

But now you can skip the middleman completely and copy an image to your clipboard before pasting it into an email, eliminating the attachment process altogether. On their blog, GMail announces:

So if you copy an image from the web or another email, you can paste it right into your message. This is especially handy for passing around screenshots — you don’t have to save the files any more (I’ve been using Command-Control-Shift-4 on my Mac to save screenshots directly to the clipboard).

The pasting function is only available in Chrome right now, but Chrome is pretty awesome, so if you’re not using it, it’s another reason to start. Another cool aspect is that if you need the image for reference, it will automatically be available in your sent mail.

Does this feature sound super useful to anyone else?