Cristiano Ronaldo Has Scored A Goal In Every Minute Of A Game Throughout His Career

Cristiano Ronaldo has accomplished another incredible feat in his already stellar career. He has now scored a goal in every minute of a game.

The remarkable record was completed with his goal in the seventh-minute of the Copa del Rey semifinal against Atletico de Madrid on Tuesday.

This is how Cristiano Ronaldo’s record scoring feat looks like:

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 405 career goals. He’s scored in every single minute of a game. BEAS7.

— SocialRMadrid (@SocialRMadrid) February 13, 2014

With that goal, he is the holder of one of the most interesting records in all of soccer — or football as it is called outside the US — and not an easy thing to achieve.

But we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo here and this is his year, after winning the elusive Ballon d’Or last month — after four years of being a runner up to Lionel Messi — he has been on fire and is the top scorer in La Liga, with 22 goals.

The disclosure of CR7’s new accomplishment, may help some of his opponents to guard him even more closely than they already do.

It seems Cristiano Ronaldo favors the last minute of each period, as he has scored the most — 22-times — in the final minute of a match, while his next highest number is in the end of the first period, minute 45 where he has scored 12-times.

As some have noted, the reason for the larger number of goals scored at the end of a period could be the additional time that refs usually allow due to incidents on the field during the period, which makes minute-45 and minute-90 longer than a minute in many instances.

Love him or hate him, there is no question that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented soccer players the game has ever seen. Some think he is the greatest, though that is still up for debate, but the Portuguese star keeps claiming records while playing at the highest level in the sport.

In the big scheme of things, this record shows soccer fans all around the world that Cristiano Ronaldo is not just the flashy player most see him as. This is a completely devoted man, who trains extremely hard and would love nothing more than to bring the FIFA World Cup home to Portugal.