Teen Brawls With Bus Driver As Bus Crashes Into Parked Cars [Surveillance Video]

A Wisconsin bus driver has been fired after brawling with a teenage passenger.

To make matters worse, the bus continued to move because in the heat of the moment, the driver apparently didn’t get a chance or forgot to pull the emergency brake and/or put the vehicle in park.

The union is attempting to get the driver reinstated, however. The teen faces charges of battery and recklessly endangering safety.

Newly released surveillance video suggests that the driver and the 17-year-old high school student had issues before, and he attempted to write down the teen’s personal information prior to the melee and then exchanged words. “The footage shows a teenager from Tremper High School in Kenosha, about 40 miles south of Milwaukee, rushing to the front of the bus and hitting driver Scotty Wells, who gets out of his seat and fights back. As the two exchange punches, the bus rolls forward and crashes into parked vehicles, one of which had people inside.”

The transit union president said said among other things that “Did Scotty do everything right here? No. But this does not deserve a termination for him defending himself.”

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, several instances of bus driver-passenger violence have been caught on video. Last August, a female bus driver administered a beatdown to a female passenger who allegedly refused to pay her fare. In November 2012, a bus driver in Baltimore got into a wild physical altercation with a high-school student apparently over loud music, and the driver was suspended after the video hit the internet. The month before, in an incident that went viral, a male driver delivered an uppercut to a female passenger in Cleveland after an argument over bus fare.

Should the bus driver involved in this brawl get his job back on self-defense grounds? Do you think it’s too much to suggest that mass-transit buses have replaced fast-food restaurants and convenience stores as America’s war zones?

[image credit: David Wilson]