Shia LaBeouf Escalates For Attention

Shia LaBeouf just can’t get enough attention from his plagiarism incident. Now his most recent stunt is randomly standing in the Cohen Gallery on Beverly Boulevard with his famous paper bag over his head yesterday afternoon. This paper bag says that he is “not sorry”, and the best part about it he’s just standing on the street for everyone to see him.

Plus he’s even letting people come and take pictures with him with the paper bag over his head, apparently there was a line of 200 plus people waiting to get their shot with the famous celebrity. Of course fans wanting to take the opportunity with Shia had brought random items to take pictures with him, such as “Transformers” toy, a bowl of printed tweets, a bottle of cologne, a ukulele, and a copy of the book he originally plagiarized.

LaBeouf plans to do this for seven days straight, and he actually started doing this on Tuesday, where he was sitting at a small table wearing a tuxedo, of course with a paper bag on his head, and this one is saying “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”, which is ironic because these stunts are making LaBeouf even more famous than he ever was before. One of the people who were waiting in line to take a picture is a girl named Amanda Sutton, and she says

“I read he’s only doing this for a few days, and I just wanted to be apart of it”. and then she says ” I don’t know what’s going to happen, other than what I read on Twitter. I keep thinking of what he’ll say or do, but I just want it to be spontaneous.”

Shia LaBeouf’s previous paper bag stunt was a couple days ago at the Berlin Film Festival, where he was there to promote his newest movie “Nymphomaniac Volume I” and at a press conference for it, he quoted a french soccer player, and decided to just get up and leave after that.

Shia LaBeouf isn’t talking much in terms of why he keeps reminding people of what he did, in his way this could be his own weird punishment for himself, but it is making him more famous, just not sure if its in a positive or a negative light.

If you’re in Los Angelas however, Shia LaBeouf plans to be standing out there for a couple more days so go get your picture with him!