Has ‘The Walking Dead’ Returned From It’s Mid-Season Break A Different Show?

While the ratings for The Walking Dead, AMC’s zombie juggernaut, continues to destroy the competition, the tone and delivery of its mid-season premiere has left fans wondering: “Has The Walking Dead Changed?” And more importantly, is it for the better?

According to a blog post on the Guardian web site, the answer to both is yes:

The Walking Dead came back a different show,” the blog reads. “Everyone has been cast to the four winds, so it’s back into zombie survival thriller mode. It’s uncertain how long this will last – there are only seven more episodes left of season four – but it makes a nice change of pace and is a timely reminder that this zombie apocalypse is happening everywhere, and not just around the prison and Woodbury. It’s also good for the show to keep the characters apart as it allows for some variety in mood and tone.”

When we last left our heroes in the The Walking Dead season four mid-season finale last December, The Governor’s attempted takeover of their prison home left the place in ruins and overrun by hordes of zombies. After, The Walking Dead mid-season premiere episode, in turn, focuses on that aftermath. Centered around lead character Rick Grimes and his son Carl’s fight for survival, After presents fans with another headscratcher of a question regarding season four: “Has Carl Become Too Annoying?”

Judging from the fan reaction online and on Twitter, the answer to that question is also a resounding yes. In a blog post found on hypeable.com, author Andrew Sims gives his take on Carl’s annoying behavior when he writes:

“Though it’s clear Rick has lost his mojo – so Carl does have reason to lecture him – the son was particularly annoying throughout episode 9 because of his childlike behavior.” Sims goes on, “He wished his father dead. He refused to eat. He made stupid decisions when it came to conserving bullets, even when he’s been in this apocalypse setting for a while and should’ve learned his lesson by now.”

And Twitter was even more harsh of their critique of Carl on The Walking Dead. Here are some related tweets on the matter, with some calling for Carl’s head while others comparing him to a certain spoiled pop star:

Whether or not you feel The Walking Dead has changed – for better or worse – the ratings for season four prove that fans have certainly not had their fill of zombie apocalypse just yet. As reported by The Inquisitr, ratings for The Walking Dead season four crushed the competition – namely the much hyped Winter Olympics.

What do you think? Has The Walking Dead changed?