Robin Playable in Batman: Arkham City, According to Best Buy

Rocksteady showed us a glimpse at playable Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City at this year’s E3, but if Best Buy’s advance listing is to believe, Rocksteady has another trick up their sleeve — and by trick up their sleeve, I mean that Robin is be playable in Batman: Arkham City. Sort of.

According to a now-removed retail listing from Best Buy over the weekend, Robin will playable in Batman: Arkham City in two challenge maps, similar to the Joker challenge maps seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The two challenge maps will be packaged in as a pre-order bonus exclusive to Best Buy.

This has yet to be confirmed by Batman: Arkham City publisher Warner Bros., so take this news as a rumor for now. A rumor that is very likely to be true, mind you.

If you missed the Batman: Arkham City gameplay showing off the recently-revealed Catwoman, go ahead and check it out here.

via Arkham City