106 MPH Winds Blow Through Britain, Flood Waters Rising [Photos]

106 mph winds were registered blowing across parts of Britain on Wednesday. Weather forecasters are predicting a similar barrage of heavy winds, possibly upwards 80 mph, to accompany the already devastating amounts of torrential downpour suffered by the island. The Met office, the UK’s national weather service, is predicting another massive storm this weekend.

Now being referred to by some as “Wild Wednesday”, almost two months of excessive rains were accompanied yesterday by hurricane like winds. A gust of 106 mph wind was recorded at Aberdaron, a small fishing community in northwestern Wales. Similar weather struck all across the southern and western parts of Britain.

Almost 80,000 people lost power in the storms this week and more are facing serious trouble from the flooding. One man, Suhair Al-Fouadi, a resident of the town of Egham, attempted to prepare his home for the oncoming weather. But it was useless.

“I tried to prepare for this, I bought 100 pounds of sand and I called the council. But they would do nothing. Now I have water from the sewer coming in through my doors.”

The UK is not unaccustomed to difficult weather conditions. Just last fall, the storm known as “St. Jude” blew through the UK, but the damage was somewhat limited. The current storms have caused the highest level of rain to accumulate in January since 1766, when records were first starting to be kept. Images of people wading in the streets and homes being devastated by the winds have really driven home the desperation of the situation.

The high winds and relentless rain have many wondering if climate change is to blame for the dangerous conditions in the UK. Although the Met office has not offered an official statement, they have certainly hinted at the “global warming” issue. Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo told the BBC that “all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change.”

The British national weather service has increasingly been making claims that they believe global warming is to blame for the apparent increase of storms worldwide. It seems that residents of the UK are less interested in theories and more interested in help for the time being.

If the winds like the 106 mph gusts continue into the coming weeks, emergency services will be forced even more drastic measures than are currently being employed.