Naomi Campbell Pissed Off Again?

I loooove a good Naomi Campbell rumor, and the latest (surprise, surprise?) has to do with another blowup. If there's one model I never want to meet, it's her, so thank goodness I'm not in Brazil covering the Rosa Cha show this weekend, where she's rumored to be making an appearance! The London Paper reported that Naomi was mid-paparazzi posing when she just totally freaked out:

"Suddenly Naomi flipped and started swinging her arms about manically. No one could work out what was wrong with her."

She was shouting and screaming as her friends desperately tried to get her into the car. She was ranting incomprehensibly."

So what else is new? Joking aside, Naomi's actions come at the worst time, since she's currently facing a possible prison sentence after being charged for allegedly assaulting two police officers. Whoever passed her on her anger management courses in the past should be ashamed.

What will it take to get Naomi under control?