Apple Might Release Unlocked iPhone 4 On Wednesday [U.S. Market]

A rumor from a trusted source surfaced on Sunday that claims the iPhone 4 will arrive in unlocked form on Wednesday in both 16GB and 32GB capacities and in both white and black colors.

According to the rumor the phone model numbers MC603, MC604, MC605, and MC606 which all align with GSM versions of the phone are expected to arrive and have recently shown up on FCC filings.

The practice of selling unlocked iPhones isn’t new to Apple with various countries offering the phone to customers in unlocked form, however the company’s partnership with Apple had prevented that practice in the United States since the first generation of the phone was released.

While AT&T’s exclusivity ended in 2011 with Apple the lack of 3G support for T-Mobile’s network has shied some users away from the international open versions of the device, however an unlocked version of the phone would make travelers happy and could even show AT&T’s willingness to make their devices more accessible to a wider user base as they attempt to acquire T-Mobile.