Manchester United Midfielder Tom Cleverley Deletes Twitter Account

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley has shut down his Twitter account after receiving unending abuse from fans stemming from recent comments.

The English club has performed dismally and find themselves in an unusual seventh place in the Premier League, something their followers don’t like one bit.

Manager David Moyes said underperforming players could be replaced with the best talent out there if things didn’t turn, fast.

The latest casualty of the Manchester United derailment is midfielder Tom Cleverley, who after receiving constant hassle from fans shut down his Twitter account.

Its disgraceful that Tom Cleverley had to leave twitter as he was getting abuse from so called fans! If you don't rate him don't abuse him!

— MUFC DJ Sadler fan (@magicianmata8) February 12, 2014

In the ruthless world that is the Premier League, tempers run high as fans see their beloved Manchester United’s poor show this season and are desperate for this nightmare to end.

But the singling of Tom Cleverly stems from a recent interview where he said he felt like a “scapegoat” for his club’s shortcomings and a #AskCarrick promotion on Twitter in which Cleverley’s midfield partner Michael Cleverley answered questions about the match.

In an interview with Mirror the Manchester United midfielder confessed:

“When I first started getting singled out, it stung. But it’s something you have got to learn to take when the team is not doing well.”

“My job goes under the radar at times. I am not a player who’s going to beat three or four people and stick it in the top corner or go round tackling people like Roy Keane.”

“I feel I’ve been made a scapegoat a little bit. A few people in the media certainly seem to have a perception of me not doing much in the team.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know I can do better but people are making a big thing about how I don’t score enough goals when that is not necessarily my first job in the team.”

Even though he is a member of the English international squad, many believe Tom Cleverley hasn’t lived up to expectation in this most frustrating season for Manchester United and his staring status is in jeopardy in the upcoming Arsenal.