Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Will Not Be Louisiana's Next Senator

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has his ticket punched to Washington D.C. — if he wants it. According to a poll released Tuesday, the Roberston family patriarch is the only Republican currently leading Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in the race for the Unite States Senate seat up for grabs in Louisiana this November.

The only other Republican likely to oppose the Democratic incumbent is House Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is running one point behind Democrat Landrieu in the new poll, promising a neck-and-neck race as election season heats up.

But, perhaps proving the power of the Duck Dynasty platform Phil Robertson holds a four-point edge over Landrieu, with 46 percent of voters polled saying he's their candidate, compared to 41 percent for the three-term incumbent.

There's only one problem for the state's Republicans. The Duck Dynasty protagonist does not want to run.

"While Phil is humbled and honored that so many fellow Louisianans have confidence in him, he has no interest in running for public office," said Roberston's son and fellow Duck Dynasty cast member, Al Robertson. "He is interested in helping the electorate know more about the gospel of Christ, so they, in turn, can elect more godly men and women to serve and lead our great country."

Phil Roberston, of course, generated a firestorm of contriversy around Duck Dynasty in Decemeber when, citing his Biblical beliefs, he delivered a diatribe against gay people and the civil rights of African-Americans in a magazine interview.

The comments earned him a short-lived "suspension" from Duck Dynasty, courtesy of the Duck Dynasty parent network, A&E. But it is precisely those views that make Phil Roberston a favorite of the state's conservatives.

Cassidy is looked on by Louisiana conservatives as the "establishment" candidate whose views are too liberal for Republicans looking for a hardcore conservative comparable to the state's other sitting senator, David Vitter.

But for now, anyway, Louisiana Republicans can do no better than seeing Phil Robertson spread his message on Duck Dynasty each Wednesday evening.