Diver Spending Own Money To Go Diving For Osama bin Laden

Bill Warren, 59, is going diving for Osama bin Laden. The California diver isn’t convinced that the United States actually captured the world’s most wanted terrorist and to prove that point he’s spending $400,000 to rent a boat and remote-controlled submarine for his travels into the deep depths of the Arabian Sea.

According to Warren: “I’m doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth. I do it for the world.”

He goes on to tell the New York Post:

“The Obama administration should have released the photo, like we did with Billy the Kid, or [John] Dillinger, or even Saddam Hussein,” while adding “I have a Russian girlfriend, and she tells me that over there, in intelligence circles, they don’t believe bin Laden’s really dead.”


This is about as silly as the guy who spent his life savings to warn everyone about the rapture that didn’t come. The real question is though, who is this “patriotic American” with a girlfriend who has friends in Russian intelligence, it all seems a bit suspicious to me.