Four Injured By Flaming Bananas Foster at Florida Restaurant

Have you ever sat at home scarfing a warm, sugar free Jell-O Pudding Snack and imagined lots of other people were getting to eat fancy desserts at fancy restaurants, like stuff that’s on fire?

The grass may really be always greener on the other side- four people have been treated for burns following a tableside Bananas Foster en flambe that went awry over the weekend. The horrific but delicious accident occurred at the Ozona Blue Grilling Co. restaurant in Palm Harbor, Florida. (Palm Harbor is just about 30 miles north of Tampa.)

Palm Harbor Fire and Rescue spokesperson Liz Monforti told press that the accident occurred because a server preparing the dish oversaturated the Bananas Foster in alcohol. Luckily for the injured, a firefighter happened to be present at the scene when the dessert combusted:

An off-duty firefighter was at the restaurant at the time of the explosion and provided care for the four people who were injured until fire officials arrived on the scene.

Two of the burned patrons were flown to a Tampa hospital for treatment, and two others were treated at the restaurant. Their conditions were not known Sunday morning.

Two of the four injured diners were flown to Tampa for treatment. It is not known whether the patrons have yet been released.

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