October 28, 2016
Is Lil Wayne Getting Ready To Drop 'Tha Carter V' On The Masses?

Lil Wayne could have a brand new album looming on the musical horizon.

Fans have anxiously awaited the release of Tha Carter V what seems like ages. Although Lil Wayne hasn't officially said anything about the project in a while, there's a possibility the record could finally see the light of day.

Drake recently hit up Twitter with a brief message that caused a bit of a sensation on the micro-blogging site. The post was short and sweet, though this didn't stop folks from wondering if the long-awaited album is finally happening.

In the span of just 48 hours, people retweeted the post over 23,000 times and counting. Since folks can't wait to get their mitts on what is possibly Lil Wayne's final album, it didn't take long for the rumor to spread like wildfire.

Of course, this isn't the first time news about the arrival of Tha Carter V has hit Twitter. Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records' Mel Smith teased the arrival of the record in October of last year.

Lil Wayne told Jimmy Kimmel last year that retirement wasn't too far down the road. However, the late-night talk show host had a few reservations about the declaration.

"Will this be a real retirement or one of your usual retirements, or a rap retirement when you make 12 albums after that. I mean Tupac died and he's still making albums," Kimmel joked.

He replied, "Yes that is true, I want to retire after 'Tha Carter V.'"

So how do folks on Twitter feel about the possibility of album's potential release? Check out some Twitter reactions on the subject below.

Here's the good:

And here's the bad:

Are you looking forward to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V? Do you think the album will impress or depress his fans?

[Image via photosthatrock / Shutterstock.com]