2011 Las Vegas Locos schedule analysis

So, I am a huge United Football League fan and I sincerly hope that it makes it long term. However with only five teams the 2011 schedule is weak in a lot of places. I have said it before and I will say it again this league needs to get to eight teams for people to really start taking it seriously. With just five teams this league is really handcuffed in what it can do. Over the last two seasons it has been enough to merely survive and get all of the games played. Now this league needs to take a big step forward, or risk dying off.

The five team season schedule is particularly unfair for the Las Vegas Locos. The Locos are teh two time defending champions on the UFL, but they will not be playing on opening weekend. In my mind that is a failure of marketing. While the Locos have had a lot of success on the field, they face an uphill battle getting folks out to their stadium each week. If they cannot increase their live attendance numbers they will be gone like the other pretty successful UFL team the Florida Tuskers.

The Locos first game is in week two at the Sacramento Mountain Lions, then the host the Omaha Nighthawks at home. In weeks four and five they face the Hartford Colonials. Week six brings the Virginia Destroyers to Sin City. In week eight after another bye week the Locos travel to the Nighthawks. Week nine is a rematch with the Mountain Lions, and they wrap up the 2011 season at the Destroyers.

All of the Locos home games are in the middle of the season, which will make it a little tough for this team to start and end on a high note. They also face the Mountain Lions late and that is a team that usually gets better as the UFL season unfolds. For the two time champs this is big challenge.

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