10 Absolute WORST Gifts To Give On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only two days away! The biggest romantic holiday of the year is widely depicted as a time where people show their sincerest regards and admiration for the ones the love and adore. Romantic observances for the heartwarming day may include sending beautiful greeting cards with expressions of love, having delectable candy and elegant flower arrangements delivered, strategically planned dinner dates and intimate quiet time.

Some lovers are even struck by cupid’s arrow more than others, opting to really get creative for Valentine’s Day. Marriage proposals, exquisite jewelry, and mini weekend getaways are also more common than one would think. However, there are ways to really bomb the romantic day.

While gifts don’t have to be extravagant or methodical, they do require some thought. Otherwise, you may rub your sweetheart the wrong way and have them wanting to steal cupid’s arrow and strike you themselves! No matter how you look at it, some gifts just don’t fit into the Valentine’s Day category. To be more precise, they’re the absolute WORST anyone could possibly come up with!

Here’s the list of the top 10 WORST Valentine’s Day gifts to give your sweetheart:

1. Gym Memberships

Although you may see it as showing your concern for your sweetheart, they won’t see it that way. As a matter of fact, they’ll probably view it as an insult. This type of gift says, “I’m not totally satisfied with the way you look, and I think you could do better!” The last thing you’d want to do is make your sweetheart feel inadequate at a time when they should feel special.

2. Gift Cards:

You may feel such a gift is quite thoughtful, since your honey can buy whatever he or she desires. But, in most cases, they may feel a gift card was simply an easy way out. Gift card purchases require no thought, and commonly depicts a lack of motivation to make the day special. It also lacks sincerity!

3. Dinner At An Overcrowded Restaurant

This is classic! Word of advice: If you don’t have reservations, don’t do it! Otherwise, your romantic night will be spent in a crowded foyer sitting in a little foyer, or standing against a wall waiting for a little device to chirp so you can be seated. Truth be told, you might be waiting close to two hours to be seated. Its annoying, and frustrating. If you wanna do dinner without reservations, cook dinner yourself!

4. Stuffed Animals

Yes, its a common gift, and a quick-fix gift from Walmart or Target. However, its also a bit childlike. It also takes little effort to purchase, and in some cases, it may look as though you forgot or didn’t care enough to take time and find a meaningful gift.

5. Pornos and / or Cheap Lingerie

While the romantic day may end with a night of passionate intimacy, giving your girlfriend a porno movie or cheap lingerie may send the wrong message and throw up a red flag. This can definitely happen if you too aren’t on the same page or haven’t discussed this aspect of your relationship.

6. Something You’d Want For Yourself

Guys, don’t buy your girlfriend tickets to see an action/thriller film when she requested to see a romantic comedy. Ladies, don’t take your guy to a This screams, “Selfish!” Although its sometimes done subconsciously, make sure you’re buying your sweetheart something that’s appealing to them – not you! Some of the worst gifts are the underlying types when you’re secretly purchase a gift that will only be beneficial to you.

7. Cheap Jewelry

Women love jewelry and all that glitters. However, fake jewelry won’t do the trick. It may look captivating on Valentine’s Day, but when it fades in the weeks after, she won’t be pleased!

8. Grocery Store Flowers (In the plastic with the price)

Yet another quick-fix gift! If you’re going to buy flowers from the grocery store, take the time and make it look presentable. Remove the plastic, trash the price, and get a vase! Put some effort into it! Presentation is key!

9. Nothing At All

Now, we’ve all heard that famous excuse, “I love you everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.” Then, there’s the other quote, “Valentine’s Day is just one day a year, and it shouldn’t measure the extent of our relationship.” However, its no excuse to just disregard the famous lovers’ holiday. Its a poor excuse! Trust me, you’d rather endure one day of Valentine’s loving, as opposed to several days of resentment afterwards!

10. A Breakup

This is an ABSOLUTE no-no! Regardless of how you feel, a break-up totally contradicts the significance of the day. Pick another day! However, it can be justifiable if your reason is founded. For example, if you caught your sweetheart cheating, dropping them is probably the best gift you could give!