Sandy Hook Gun Control Laws On Assault Weapons Ignored By Connecticut Citizens

Newtown gun control laws created after the Sandy Hook shooting are being ignored by the vast majority of the American citizens living in the area.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when the Sandy Hook anniversary came the town celebrated life by asking people to commit random acts of kindness. Although Adam Lanza's motive was never known for certain, a radio show call-in gave us some dark hints, and his computer hard drive was filled with documents about mass killings and pedophilia.

The kneejerk response to Lanza's rampage was to create Sandy Hook gun control laws focused on so-called assault weapons. Although earlier reports claimed that only handguns were used, four weapons in total were involved although only three were actually fired. The first was a Savage Mark II bolt-action rifle that was used to kill Nancy Lanza in her home. A semiautomatic Saiga shotgun was found in the trunk of the car he drove to the school. A Glock 20 pistol was used by Adam to commit suicide. But what caused all the controversy was that the primary weapon used during the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S.

The Bushmaster gun is what prompted the Sandy Hook gun control laws to attempt more bans on assault weapons. The term "assault weapon" itself is mostly a political term derived from the 1994 Assault Weapons ban legislation. The semi-automatic weapon itself isn't illegal but the high capacity 30-round magazine used by Lanza is banned. In addition, there are variants of the Bushmaster modified to be fully automatic for the military and police, but those guns are illegal for the average gun jock (there are exceptions for certain pre-1986 full automatic weapons, which requires a special application and fees).

This was made a big deal because the AR-15 represents around 60 percent of all rifle sales in the United States. It's also a gun that must be registered in Connecticut based upon the Sandy Hook assault weapon laws. These gun control laws also requires a certificate for any semiautomatic firearm that is considered "military-like," such as having a pistol grip.

But citizens of the state are ignoring the Connecticut gun control laws that require them to register their so-called assault weapons. At the end of 2013, police received 47,916 applications but it's estimated this number represents only 15 percent of all the weapons.

This means an astounding 85 percent are point-blank violating the gun control laws. Technically, this means hundreds of thousands are committing Class D felonies. Senator Tony Guglielmo assumed the "vast majority" would have registered but now they face a real problem. The good news is that they aren't considering making sweeping arrests... yet. For the moment the politicians are considering sending out warning letters and start an outreach campaign.

What do you think about the citizens of Connecticut ignoring the Sandy Hook gun control laws?