Zayn Malik Isn’t Thrilled To Plan His Wedding With Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik is apparently going to help his fiancé Perrie Edwards plan their wedding whether he wants to or not.

Although Malik is madly in love with the Little Mix singer and can’t stand spending time away from her, the One Direction singer draws the line at helping out with the upcoming ceremony. Edwards revealed Zayn’s reluctance to lend a helping hand during a recent chat with the folks at MTV News.

“Well, he tried to get out of it. He said, ‘You know what? The wedding, it’s all about the lady.’ He went, ‘Honestly, it’s your day. You’re the princess. You go all out and then just let me know what you want,'” Edwards recently explained.

She added, “I went ‘You’re not getting out of it that easy, love.’ I went, ‘You’re planning it with us, thank you very much.’ He thought he was clever, but no, I’m one step ahead.”

All of the stress surrounding the ceremony may have prompted Malik to issue a foul-mouthed message on Twitter. Although there’s probably another reason for his grumpy demeanor, this guess is as good as any right now.

He may not want to help out his bride-to-be with the wedding plans, it’s obvious that the guy is head over heels in love with he girl. Zayn Malik previously told Fabulous magazine that he has a hard time spending time away from Edwards these days.

“It’s difficult to see her because obviously our schedules are crazy and stuff. But I’d do anything to see her. I’m not bothered. I’d fly 10 planes to go home and see her,” the singer recently told the publication.

Malik continued, “My mum used to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it definitely does. If you don’t get to see your girlfriend 24/7, when you do get to see her you really make the most of it.”

Although the couple definitely plans to tie the knot later this year, the details are still few and far between at the moment. One Direction mastermind Simon Cowell recently told Heat that he’s not sure he’s invited to the wedding.

“I’d better check I’ve got an invite first!” he said when asked if Cowell had picked out a wedding gift yet.

Are you a fan of Zayn Malik? What do you think about the One Direction singer trying to avoid helping out with the wedding plans?