Rachel Frederickson: ‘I Am Very, Very Healthy’

Rachel Frederickson shocked the nation when she revealed her new slim figure on the February 4 season 15 finale of the Biggest Loser.

At the beginning of the show, seven months ago, Rachel weighed in at a startling 255 pounds, which is considered overweight for a woman standing only 5’4″. During the finale, Rachel weighed in one last time. Normally the numbers on the scale continue to climb, however Rachel’s number stopped at 105 pounds. That is a loss of 155 pounds or 59.62 percent of her body weight.

Since the reveal, Frederickson and the Biggest Loser have been receiving tons of criticism for Rachel apparently losing “too much” weight. People are questioning the Biggest Loser’s methods, and find that someone slimming down to these proportions could be considered a health risk. Rachel addressed the harshness of the viewers, shortly after the finale.

You know, I think I have been on this seven-and-a-half month journey on The Biggest Loser and I went to The Biggest Loser to find that confident girl again.

I was very enthusiastic about the finale and I’m really excited about my life here going into maintenance mode. I’m going to try new exercises and continue on this path and see where it takes me — finding that balance!

I feel like my journey on The Biggest Loser was my path and I followed the advice and has the support of the medical team at The Biggest Loser the entire journey. So it’s just been natural and I’ve enjoyed every part of it.

Now, Rachel has sat down for an interview with PEOPLEmagazine to talk about her extreme transformation, revealing that she may have been a little too enthusiastic with her training.

Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training to get to the finale.

Because of her dramatic weight loss, viewers began speculating that Rachel may have an eating disorder. When PEOPLE asked her if she was, in fact, suffering from an eating disorder, she denied it saying: “I am very, very healthy.”

So, the question is… how did Frederickson manage to lose so much weight in so little time? She said it was through the usual methods of diet and exercise, only intensified. She explained that, while on the show, she maintained a 1,600-calorie daily diet, and adhered to a daily work out regimen. However, she did admit that’s she started working out six hours a day, during the three months leading up to the finale.

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