Justin Bieber: Despite The Drama, Kevin Hart & Ellen DeGeneres Got Nothing But Love

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber isn't short of critics. In fact his cup runneth over.

But he has strong support from two of the biggest --- and funniest --- stars in show business. Namely, Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres, who are both friends of the singer.

Rocking a "Mint Julip" Paul Smith suit that - as he requested - made "his skin pop," Hart's success story was front and center Tuesday when he hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Currently riding a zeitgeist wave of success on the back of his No.1 movie Ride Along --- in which he stars with Ice Cube, TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood, and Valentine's Day-dropping film About Last Night --- but he took the time to declare some timely support for the embattled teen star.

"That's my guy, man," Hart said of Bieber as he kicked back on DeGeneres' set. "Let me tell you something, I'm a friend. If I say I'm your friend, I'm your friend. Regardless of what it is you're going through."

And unless you're studiously avoiding the news or any form of social media, you'll know that Bieber's plate is rather full at the moment.

The 19-year-old was charged with assault on January 29 for allegedly attacking a limousine driver last December and is due to appear in court on March 10. Bieber is also facing triple charges after his January 23 suspected DUI arrest in Miami Beach --- for which a March 3 trial date has been set.

Bieber's lawyers are presently attempting to stop the release of more CCTV footage of the singer's custody stay at Miami Beach Police station after his arrest, during which time he was videotaped in various stages of undress and reportedly later urinated in a holding cell urinal.

On top of all that, Justin's fate in an ongoing vandalism case reportedly lands this week when the Los Angeles district attorney makes a decision on whether or not to press misdemeanor or felony charges for his alleged egging of his neighbor's house, or drop the case.

But as far as Hart is concerned, all of the above --- alleged and actual --- can be put down to youthful indiscretion. In Bieber's case - as the most famous teen in the world - Hart said the attention of the media is part of the hype around the young singer's troubles.

"The media has a way of pouring things on people, you know, when they're in a bad place," the 34-year-old comedian-actor told Ellen, adding, "Justin's a teenager!"

Recalling what sounded like a recent phone conversation with the "Confident" superstar, Hart said he told the oft-shirtless one, "When I was a teenager I did stupid things too."

"That's what you're supposed to do as a teenager," he added. "The job is to learn from the stupid mistakes that you make."

And Hart wasn't finished. To him the point of making inevitable mistakes in teenage years is to, "Learn from it, grow up, move on."

Telling Bieber, who turns a big fat 20 on March 2, "You're about to become an adult," Hart said he advised the star "Don't keep giving them [the media] ammunition."

Hart revealed, "He understands that, but he's putting himself in a position for them to keep on finding him and doing things."

Justin Bieber Defended By Kevin Hart And Ellen DeGeneres

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But despite carping from the media, public and many celebrities --- the most recent being Sharon Osbourne --- Hart believes Bieber "is going to get better" and is just trying to deal with living his life under a lens.

The comedian raised considerable laughs from the studio audience when he joked (at least we think he was) that if he'd had millions at a young age he would have wanted to fly a pet monkey on a private plane, referring to Bieber's "Mally" saga.

Offering words of support with more than a hint of concern, Ellen told Hart, "Well, I'm glad you're talking to him because he needs some good advice right now."

Underscoring her continued support for Justin, the upcoming Oscars host added, "He's so crazy talented... he really is too talented to let this get in the way."

From somewhere in snowed-in Atlanta, an appreciative Bieber later tweeted his gratitude to Degeneres and Hart for their support and kindness --- to which both older stars replied.

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