Verizon iPad 2 “Return To Sender” Issue Revealed

A strange event happened this week when some iPad 2 users realized that their units were shipped from China, only to be soon “returned to sender” before officially arriving at their final destinations. It has now been revealed that the issue was associated with a duplicate MEID issue found on an “extremely small number” of iPad 2 devices.

Duplicate MEID’s on devices means those units would not have been able to connect to 3G or that they would have been booted off after connecting for a very short period of time since Verizon only allows unique identifiers to connect on their network.

Speaking to Engadget Verizon said:

“Duplicate MEID codes were flashed onto an extremely small number of iPad units for the Verizon 3G network.”

Some units have made it into the hands of consumers and Verizon will be replacing all of those units free of charge.