Gannett Layoffs Inspire Their Own Web Site

The always lovely Gannett layoffs have now inspired a Web site of their own. The newly created is building a quiet buzz with employees at some Gannett-owned properties this week.

The site, operated by an Ohio law firm looking to “protect” the “layoff rights” of Gannett workers, was just registered last Tuesday, December 2. It’s already filled with advice for those fearing the ax may fall.

“Laid off employees have numerous rights under state and federal law. Signing a release, separation agreement, severance agreement or similar document may waive these rights and bar you from enforcing your legal rights, so it is important to understand the rights you may be waiving,” the site says.

Of course, it then goes on to offer free consultation and the option to enlist full legal services.

Interesting phenomenon, especially being that the site has managed to grab the attention of Gannett employees within its first week. Wonder if the firm put out a targeted press release?

This also made me curious if the specific [company] site idea had been around for a while, and I just hadn’t heard of it until now. Could be. For what it’s worth, though, as of the time of this posting, isn’t registered yet. Neither is Think we’ll see any takers?