Julia Roberts’ Strained Relationship with Half-Sister: Nancy Motes SLAMMED Roberts Via Twitter Weeks Before Death

In light of Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes’ death, a number of disturbing underlying facts have come to the light. The astonishing details definitely prove that the two weren’t the best of friends. As a matter of fact, its quite evident that their level of contention stems from years of opposition.

According to the Daily Mail, Motes tweeted a series of indignations sharing her blatant disdain toward Roberts. Motes’ name on the social network is listed with her fiancé John Dilbeck’s last name. The username for the account is @Dabbs76. The tweets began a couple weeks ago, and her crass remarks made her feelings quite clear.

On Jan. 19, she tweeted, “So my ‘sister’ said that with all her friends & fans she doesn’t need anymore love. Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart” is a B***H!!”

While that particular tweet spoke volumes she didn’t stop there. Motes, who died of an apparent drug overdose, followed up with two additional tweets slamming the Eat Pray Love actress.

“Do you want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress. Happy you totally F***ed with me?,” she said to Roberts’ fans. “I must admit I maybe going to far… But I never been so angry in my life. I’m actually a pretty easygoing, peaceful person.”

On Jan. 22, Motes also tweeted about their family, alleging that they’d abandoned her. Then, there were a number of tweets back in October that appeared to be directed toward the Ocean’s Eleven actress and their family. Motes tweeted about constantly being scrutinized and insulted regardless of how much she attempted to remain calm and positive.

“Feeling blessed, even though I’m sick as a dog! I’m very grateful that I have my loves family, since my own family has abandoned me,” she tweeted. However, the next message was a blatant verbal attack toward Roberts.

“Hey Hag! Glad you f****ed with me yet? You’re going to LOVE what’s coming! FYI-You’re an awful, hate filled old pathetic excuse for a human,” Motes said. “I must be grateful & not hateful. I must forgive. But D**n that is a REALLY hard thing to do sometimes, right?!?!”

However, her sentiments toward Roberts were reportedly founded. In light of Motes’ death, a number of media outlets have shed light on their strained relationship. Motes was reportedly spent most of her life being criticized for her weight, and Roberts offered little consolation. In fact, reports reveal that she actually made it worse.

Motes, who was an aspiring actress and production assistant on Glee, spoke out about her life-long struggles as Roberts sister back in August.

“When I was in high school and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight. She would make it quite clear to me and in a not so nice manner,” she explained. “Julia did not want to see me go down that path [of acting] … So I just got a lot of criticism from Julia, which was very discouraging for me.”

She shared that Roberts often made her feel embarrassed about her weight. “It makes me feel incredibly hurt and very sad,’ Motes said. ‘When you’re in a family of very, very exceptionally beautiful people it’s intimidating.”

When Motes moved back to Los Angeles three years ago, she also claimed that Roberts immediately began bashing her about her weight. Radar Online also reported that Roberts allegedly planned to boycott Motes’ wedding due to her dislike of Dibleck.

“Julia doesn’t think much of Nancy’s husband-to-be,” an insider told the publication. “She’s convinced he’s sponging off Nancy, who doesn’t have much money in the first place.”

After years of battling with her weight, Motes opted to have a gastric bypass. But, instead of seeking financial assistance from Roberts, she opted to take out a loan instead. Last year, she spoke out after having the surgery. ‘It’s a work in progress, it’s not going to be fixed overnight, nor do I think it’s going to be fixed by me just getting skinny.”

Its unclear whether the two made amends before her death.