Indianapolis Colts to do list

OK so the Indianapolis Colts did a pretty good job rebuilding their offensive line via the 2011 NFL draft. There is a lot of talk about what else this team needs to get done. They are working on a new deal for QB Peyton Manning, but that may not be their largest free agency concern currently. Peyton is under contract for two more years but RB Joseph Addai is a free agent the moment the NFL gets back to business. They did draft RB Delone Carter in teh 4th round but can he really repalce Addai? That may be their biggest priortity when they get back to business.

I am a little more concerned about the WR corps. The Colts believe it takes a season or two to develop a guy into a legit NFL talent at this position. They did not draft a WR this year and Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon will both be free agents next year. It may not be an immediate concern, but this team will have some work to do there.

Even though they drafted DB Chris Rucker in the sixth round, I still have some concerns for the Colts secondary. Bob Sanders and Melvin Bullitt were limited to five games in 2010. If they can return healthy this should take care of itself, since key backup Jamie Silva missed all of 2010 I would be looking for this team to be bringing in some depth here via the free agent market.

While third round pick Drake Nevis will join the rotation at DT, I still see a big time need here. Antonio Jackson, Daniel Muir, Eric Foster, and Keyunta Dawson are all free agents the day the NFL reopens. Not to mention DE Robert Mathis as well. So the Colts have some work to do here. Do they resign all of these men, just the key players, or look to bring in fresh faces? That is an issue that will have to be dealt with.

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