Flappy Bird Hack: Cheats, Tips, And Tricks For The iPhone, iOS Download

Flappy Bird hacks for iPhone downloads are highly sought after now that the famous game has been deleted from the iOS app store.

In related reports by The Inquisitr, it was rumored that the creator of the game was facing a Flappy Bird Nintendo lawsuit threat and that’s why he took down the game. But some people believe Dong Nguyen was tired of all the plagiarism charges, death threats, and suicide rumors.

In the past we’ve already covered the Flappy Bird Android hack, which allows you to manually install the game, so today we’ll show you how to do the Flappy Bird iPhone hack. The simplest method is to use a web browser on your iPad or iPhone and play the web-based Flash version of the game. Simple. Done. But if you really want to install the app that bad there are other methods.

The first requires you to find someone who previously downloaded the game and who trusts you. You’ll need to borrow their Apple ID for a few minutes because Apple allows apps to be installed onto multiple devices. Even though Flappy Bird is now unpurchaseable from the app store it’s still technically backed up on the store. First, open the App Store app, click the Updates tab at the bottom, then Purchased and Not On This iPhone. Search for the Flappy Bird game in the list and then tap the iCloud symbol to download it to your device. Now you can log out of your friend’s Apple ID and use your own. The only downside to this method is that shared apps require you to log into the other Apple ID for updates, but since the Flappy Bird iPhone version is unlikely to ever be updated again that shouldn’t be problem. Also, be aware that if you do a full sync with iTunes it may delete Flappy Bird.

If it so happens that none of your friends ever installed Flappy Bird then your only choice is to search online for “flappy bird ipa” and install the game manually. This method requires a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, though. Once you find the file simply drag and drop the icon for the.ipa file onto the Apps section in iTunes. Once you sync your device the Flappy Bird iPhone app should show up.

Now if you’re looking for Flappy Bird cheats on the iPhone I suggest watching this video:

Now if you’re not looking to cheat the game we recommend checking out these of Flappy Bird tips and tricks we’ve compiled. Good luck on getting that high score!