Iranian Officials Are Beating Detained Americans Says Freed Hiker

Sarah Shourd, one of the hikers who was freed from captivity in Iran after it was determined by that countries officials that she was not in fact a spy has begun speaking out about the beatings that the remaining two American detainees have suffered.

Speaking to the BBC she says in one case hiker Josh Fattal was thrown down a flight of stairs after he was caught taking extra food, while in another cause a guard beat Shane Bauer’s head against a wall until he began bleeding from the head.

Speaking to CNN Shourd added:

“My worst fear is that they’re not safe” and “They don’t have consular access, they’re not allowed to see their lawyer, and we fear the worst.”

After all of the detainees went on a five-day hungry strike because they were separated she says Iranian guards reunited them but only for “maybe two minutes.”

Since Iran will not allow the detainees to meet with outside council their exact circumstances are not known.