Yuengling Ice Cream Flavors Include Black And Tan As The Popular Brand Returns

Yuengling Ice Cream flavors will include a nod to the beer producing company of the same name as the popular brand returns to shelves. Black and Tan will be one of ten flavors put out by the return to the frozen dairy aisle at grocery stores along the east coast. Other flavors include classics like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip, vanilla fudge chunk with pretzels, espresso chocolate chip, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate marshmallow, root beer float and mint chocolate chip.

The Inquisitr reported on the return of Yuengling Ice Cream back in early 2014. Finally the time has arrived and customers are excited. One of America’s oldest breweries, Yuengling originally began producing ice cream during the 1920’s with the start of prohibition. At the close of prohibition, the dairy branch took on its own life. Up until 30 years ago, the family owned Pennsylvania business continued to sell their product in stores.

Now an entire generation has grown up without the taste of the all natural ice cream. David Yuengling, cousin of the brewery owner Dick, decided to resurrect the family business with one condition. It needed to taste good. With so many brands on the market in the frozen dairy aisle, Yuengling’s Ice Cream wanted to bring something unique to its historic name. David insists his ice cream is made without artificial ingredients, a higher percentage of butterfat and less air. Customers are hoping it will taste as good as the old days.

“I was brought up with it,” said Bob Pomian, a resident of Pottman, PA. “If it’s the same ice cream I ate 50 years ago, then I’d be happy with it.”

The product was not scheduled to be released for another few weeks, but demand was so high, they let it go. Plans are in development for bringing all ten flavors to more markets soon. But first, the new, old company wants to see how they do at home.

“One of the biggest things in putting a new product on the market is getting brand-name recognition, which is a problem we don’t have,” David Yuengling said.

The Black and Tan flavor is the only thing related to the brewery side of the family business. And there is no beer flavoring included with it. It will be a Belgian chocolate and salted caramel mixture. However, there is nothing to stop customers from taking Yuengling Ice Cream and mixing it with a little beer for a beer float.