Jennifer Lawrence Offers Melrose Ave. Dinner To Los Angeles Homeless Woman, Report Says

Jennifer Lawrence is the rare Hollywood star who appears by all accounts to be a genuinely nice, down-to-Earth human being who handles her massive success with ease despite her young age and hasn’t let it go to her head. That’s her public image, anyway, and so far in the Hunger Games star’s short but explosive career, she’s done nothing to dispel it.

So this report from late January, but just making the rounds today, seems entirely plausible even though it has not been independently confirmed. We can’t tell you for sure that Jennifer Lawrence actually did this, but you can’t tell us that it’s something she would not do.

Anyway, take it with the proverbial grain of salt, but here is the story of the latest Jennifer Lawrence awesomely endearing act.

The tale comes from a blogger identified only as “Adam” posting on the site Showbiz Spy. Adam says that “reports” tell how Jennifer Lawrence was strolling down the famed Los Angeles funky-fashion strip Melrose Avenue in January, accompanied by two female friends — and her mom, Karen, who once ran the summer day camp for kids where Jennifer worked before she hit it big.

They were headed to the well-known restaurant Lala’s Argentine Grill, a staple of the Melrose Avenue dining scene for the past 18 years — and not an especially expensive or exclusive eatery, either, further adding to the 23-year-old star’s everywoman image.

But on their way into the restaurant, Jennifer spotted a woman pushing a overfull shopping cart, who appeared to the star to be homeless and hungry.

Overtaken by compassion, Jennifer Lawrence approached the woman and asked, according to the Showbiz Spy report, “Honey, are you hungry? Do you want to come and eat with us?”

Now, it’s doubtful that any restaurant patronized by Jennifer Lawrence would question the American Hustle Oscar nominee’s choice of dining companions. Nonetheless, a man passing by — the story goes — overheard her offer and warned, rather loudly, “They’re not going to let her in there!”

Jennifer Lawrence responded to the interloper exactly the way Jennifer Lawrence would respond. She told the guy in no uncertain terms to mind his own bleepin’ business.

The homeless woman, however, gratefully declined, saying that she feared leaving her shopping cart, which contained her possessions, unattended on the street. So Jennifer, who has already amassed a reported net worth of $25 million, handed her a $20 and told her, “Well, you eat when you’re ready then!”

That’s the story. True or not, it only enhances the Jennifer Lawrence image as The People’s Star.

If Jennifer Lawrence is concerned about the problem of homelessness, her newly adopted stomping grounds of Los Angeles County offers her plenty to do. Despite an overall nationwide decline, homelessness increased by 15 percent between 2011 and 2013 in the county, giving Jennifer Lawrence 57,737 mouths to feed right in her own backyard.