Chris Brown: From Rehab to the Party

An unwise decision by Chris Brown may have unlucky consequences for his upcoming court hearing. Brown is in rehab for various substance abuse problems, but was given a day pass so he could meet with his attorney, Mark Geragos, about a court hearing the next day.

A day of freedom from rehab could lead to any number of things. Maybe giving into a craving for some In-N-Out, or a visit to a family member or something simple like catching a new movie. Not for Brown, though. He stopped by Trey Songz’s Super Bowl party to catch up with his friends. Like most Super Bowl parties, this one had booze, and lots of it. Sources claim that this wasn’t your dad’s Super Bowl party–it was booze-fueled and full of girls.

Brown, though, is full of excuses. His people say he was only there for ten minutes. They also claim that he thought it was for charity, although some are understandably skeptical. Typically, when a celebrity does something for charity, they want everyone to know about it, so they make absolutely clear what parties are for charitable organizations. Brown or his people didn’t say which charity they thought would benefit from the bash, but there didn’t appear to be any kind of fundraising at the event, and if there was, no charities appear to have actually benefited.

They do claim, however, that he was supervised by an employee of the rehab center, but attendees and other sources are skeptical about that claim, as well. Brown hasn’t been in rehab long, so it’s questionable that a rehab worker would sign off on his attending a party that is sure to be full of alcohol. Not many people–and most certainly not Trey Songz–would throw a dry Super Bowl party.

While the meeting with his lawyer was surely innocuous, it’s hard to imagine this visit–and the resulting photographs of Brown at the party–will have anything, but bad results for his recovery. It is unclear whether Brown drank at the party, but either way, this could result in a severe setback for him. Alcoholics in the early stages of recovery who expose themselves to old habits and old drinking buddies tend to have a bit of a relapse. Hopefully, Brown won’t suffer legally or mentally from his appearance at the party, but just showing up positively reeks of irresponsibility and lack of commitment to his recovery.