Liverpool Fan Murdered After Gloating About 5-1 Triumph Over Arsenal

A Liverpool fan has been murdered in Kenya after an Arsenal supporter stabbed him for “over-gloating” after the Gunners lost 5-1 at Anfield on Saturday.

Reports have claimed that Anthony Mutheia, a passionate Reds fan, died in Meru town soon after the final whistle. The incident is believed to have taken place outside Marete’s Bar in the region. Mutheia was rushed to a local hospital, but the severity of his injuries meant that he died soon afterwards.

The man responsible for this tragedy has been named as David Mwangi. He was allegedly spotted riding a motorcycle before the match, and locals immediately handed it in to officers after he fled the scene following the attack. A manhunt to locate Mwangi is now underway.

Tom Odero, a Meru police chief, has stated that they couldn’t possibly comment on a motive for the death because they haven’t yet apprehended the suspect.

Mutheia is thought to have excessively gloated in front of Mwangi after Liverpool’s impressive 5-1 victory over Arsenal, even though they had watched the game together.

Mwangi clearly took these taunts to heart and decided that he was well within his rights to pull out a knife and stab Mutheia. Obviously, police officers and rational minded individuals immediately recognised that Mwangi’s spontaneous act of violence was quite clearly an over-reaction.

English soccer is followed fanatically in Kenya. Bars and video dens across the country are often packed to the brim with passionate fans who wear fake and real replica kits to show their support, even though these items of clothing usually cost an inordinate amount.

When these games eventually kick-off, those in attendance bet on the outcomes and fights often break-out because of the heckles and chants that are created.

This isn’t the only time that a soccer fan has been killed after a high profile game. Last December, a Manchester United fan committed suicide after the Red Devils succumbed to a 1-0 defeat to Newcastle United, while back in 2009 an Arsenal fan hanged himself after they lost to Manchester United.

Liverpool demolished league-leaders Arsenal over the weekend, thanks to a ferocious attacking display that saw them race to a four-nil lead in just 20 minutes.

Two headed goals from defender Martin Skertel, a close-range finish from Raheem Sterling, and a precise drive from Daniel Sturridge allowed Liverpool to gain this advantage. Sterling added a fifth in the second half before Mikel Arteta scored a consolation goal for the Gunners.