DeAnna Pappas Announces Birth Of First Child Via Twitter

DeAnna Pappas and her husband Stephen Stagliano have just announced the birth of their first child – and it’s a girl!

The news that Pappas, the much-loved Bachelorette alum, had given birth was announced via Twitter by proud dad Stagliano, who wrote:

Us Weekly broke the not unexpected news last August that the happy celebrity couple were expecting their first child after just two years of marriage. At the time, DeAnna Pappas said to the well-known publication: “Stephen and I are so thrilled to be welcoming our baby. This has been the most exciting time of our lives.”

DeAnna Pappas continued in some detail about just how excited she and hubby were to be expecting a baby: “We cannot wait to make memories with this baby, love it unconditionally, and to teach him or her to play soccer! We have looked forward to this moment for a very long time and we are so happy to share this exciting news with everyone!!” She said.

Just one month after the breaking news that a Pappas/Stagliano baby was on the way, on September 14, the parents announced the gender, which they had chosen to find out in advance: “We couldn’t wait…so we scheduled another ultra sound this afternoon……and we saw a……..GIRL!!!!” Pappas said on Twitter

It is more and more common for celebs to find out the gender of their baby before the birth. Because they usually have such busy schedules, knowing the gender makes preparing for the child easier and more convenient – even if it does detract from the surprise element of finding out on the day of the birth.