Boardwalk Shooting In Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) Leaves One Dead, Four Injured

A shooting on the packed Boardwalk in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn on Thursday evening has left one female dead and four other people injured.

The boardwalk was more crowded than normal after a heat wave led to school closings, sending people to the destination as 100 degree temperatures beat down on visitors.

The guman according to police opened first near Sixth Street at approximately 5:20 p.m., killing one female who was rushed to Coney Island Hospital but later died. Another man was listed in critical condition but is expected to make a recovery. Three other people were hit by bullets but are thankfully expected to make full recoveries.

Police have made no arrests in the shooting, however one person was being questioned shortly after the shootings occurred.

Police at this time are also unclear as to what caused the shooting or if the victims were intended targets or if the shooting was just another example of a random act of violence

Even if the shooter has not yet been caught, an apartment building next to the shooting has 32 security cameras which police will use to look for the shooters identity.